The Globe Hotel

The Globe Hotel was established in 1880 by D Murley and it operated until 1909 when the licence was cancelled. The building later became Mrs Hosking’s boarding house for a number of years. By the 1920s it was in the hands of the Salvation Army who continued to use the building until the mid 1940’s. John Ferris took over the building and used it as a showroom for his furniture and soft furnishing business which at that time he was operating from a small building opposite. His business later relocated to London House further down Melmore Street. The building remained his storeroom until the business closed in the 1960’s. When Ferris’s moved out, Wisharts took over the building and used it to store car tyres and spare parts. In the early 1970’s Jeff Connelly demolished the building for the sum of $200 and the ground became a parking area for cars waiting to be repaired.

Reconstructed building from original plans.

The Globe Hotel now houses Sequoia Finewares